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A progressive workforce needs a progressive system to track employee time and attendance more efficiently. Gone are the days of old punching sheets or manually written time sheets that have to be entered into a computer or spreadsheets. Modern day attendance tracking systems allow companies to track attendance efficiently but allow employees to save time and effort. Some of the main benefits include – Prevent payroll errors, streamline time off requests, promote increased productivity, create a more efficient workforce. But before enforcing a policy or calculating payroll, there are a few practices that every company should introduce to ensure efficiency and accuracy in tracking time and attendance. Many of these are easily accessible, but sometimes you may not be aware of the new technologies available to improve your methods.

Exit Manual Entry. Enter the Cloud.

A small or a medium sized company can have sluggish attendance tracking if everything is done manually. Now for a bigger company, multiply that problem by hundreds of employees. Just to get a week’s worth attendance would take quite a few man-hours and an enormous amount of paperwork. And the chances of error and inaccuracy are huge. It’s best to eliminate all of this with a cloud-based tracking system. It involves no paperwork and automates your tracking which means there’s minor scope for mistakes when filing payroll or allotting requested time off.

Match your system with your company structure

Now when selecting a system, make sure to pick the one that matches your organizational structure the best. For a small to medium sized company, a complicated system can be overwhelming and the employees and management team may feel reluctant to use it in the first place. Although there is a tremendous value in having a centralized system but that’s best suited for bigger companies. In short, your system should be easily implemented and adopted by your company. It should be user friendly, increase speed and accuracy, and lower work intensity.

Secured and integrated system is a priority

A progressive entity should always prioritise company and its employees’ security. Think about the personal information that is entrusted to your company by employees so that they may receive compensation. This can include their social security number, their work identification, bank account numbers, and other important information that would devastate them if stolen. So, replacing your current manual system with a Cloud system would take care of this as well. Your Cloud system will have passwords, firewalls, login names and dates, what information has been changed, and data integrity. Securing all of this would take you one step closer to a progressive enterprise. Also a time and attendance system that’s integrated with the rest of your HR functionality and payroll can set your company up for success. Time and attendance data automatically feeding into payroll can save HR professionals’ time and mitigate processing errors.

Your company needs a better way to track its employee attendance. It should be quick, efficient, accurate, and Cloud-based. We have many different hardware and software options to choose from. Contact us today and elevate your company to its highest potential.

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