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Is your traditional HR solution giving you a hard time? Is managing payroll is growing to be a daunting affair? Are you concerned about the time it takes to process paperwork and root out costly payroll errors? Then it’s time to step up and consider cloud-based HR solution. Cloud based services have sprung up to help business owners better leverage technology. It is a relatively new concept but businesses which want to gain an edge on the competition have to invest in an HR cloud system. However, there is a chance you are apprehensive about going ahead and spending money on HR Cloud system. It is likely that you have read or heard about the misconceptions regarding these systems. With this in mind, we take a closer look at some of those common misconceptions about HR in the cloud and give you a better picture of the reality.

Misconception 1:

HR Clouds are not that safe

Fact – This is perhaps the most common misconception about HR clouds. But to tell you the truth, it is considered to be much safer than any of the traditional HR system. In fact, the top HR cloud vendors adopt and conform to the very highest security standards – much higher than those in-house IT departments. And not only you can use HR in the cloud safely but you can also utilize the additional security features that come with this system to enhance protection. The system’s software is always located on secure servers, in locations managed by experts, with emergency power sources and back-ups. Your data will remain safe as no unauthorized personnel will be able to access it. So, you shouldn’t be worried about the safety of HR cloud software. They are completely secure.

Misconception 2:

IT department will lose control over the company’s technology

Fact – This is a common belief held by IT departments. But moving business applications into the cloud will not require giving up control and losing autonomy. In fact it is actually the company’s IT team that typically manages access, sets up credentials and determines the rights and restrictions of all business applications even when they are hosted in the cloud. The system makes things convenient for the team as it increases one’s control over its applications by centralizing data andmaking it accessible to multiple users in multiple locations. And since a third-party provider oversees your servers, storage and networking, maintains hardware and upgrades software, so the time involved in all this is significantly reduced for your IT team who can further focus on more strategic, forward-thinking initiatives for the betterment of the business.

Misconception 3:

Moving up to cloud is an expensive deal

Fact – The best thing about using software in the cloud is its flexibility which means you can only use the resources and bandwidth that your business needs and you will be charged on that basis. In other words, price is completely linked to usage. Also, by automating your HR, you can reduce the costs of your administrative processes by a considerable percentage. And because everything is in the cloud, you can totally forget about the expensive upgrades. Your solution provider takes care of all that. Hence cloud based HR solution is not expensive at all and the return on your investment is faster than most other business solutions.

Misconception 4:

Integration with traditional systems is difficult

Fact – Companies often have to integrate new applications with existing ones and most of the time their assumption is that it is not possible with a cloud-based HR solution. It’s quite the contrary. Cloud-based solutions are designed to fit effortlessly into your infrastructure, which can make them highly configurable. Some cloud-based services offer the ability to connect and interface with your in house programs through straightforward integrations which most IT departments can handle with no support whatsoever.

As your company evaluates the benefits of moving business applications to the cloud, it’s important to differentiate misconception from fact. The cloud may not be right for your company’s entire suite of business applications, but a customized model where a portion of services are migrated to the cloud while the others remain on premise, is an ideal way to avail the benefits of cloud based HR solution. And if you want to avail it at once, drop us a line or send us an email at