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“We recruit for attitude and train for skill.” 
Atul Gawande

A multinational company is an organization that masters production of services and goods within countries other than the base country where the company is from. The main functions of MNCs are:-

  • Export & Import of Goods.
  • Purchasing & Selling of Licenses.
  • Assembly operations in foreign countries.
  • Providing and discovering manufacturing services.
  • Making significant, wise and profitable investments.
  • Maintaining international relations.
  • Offers training programs for potential workforce.

The base of any well-functioning, organized and advanced multi-national company is an efficient HR department that values and manages the workforce with quality coordination and provision of services. Payroll, on the other hand, is referred to the additive total amount of cash paid to all the employees, the employee records (salary, bonus, leaves, etc.) and individualistic taxing information.

In the era where technology and tradition goes hand-in-hand; it is important for all needs to sustain with a well-formed workforce as the more your business grows – the more does the expectancy of Human Resource Management does.

Below are reasons for why Payroll and HR are two basic elements of the HR department –

  • Ensures Workforce Maintenance

Every form of organization requires a strong and hard-working workforce for better production and results. Hence, it is important that this is consistently maintained and each demand of theirs’ is met. Understanding the staff, helping breakdown communication barriers and provision of financial and various other incentives can motivate them, increase value of the company before their eyes & make them perform better.

  • Amending and Righteous Handling of Documents & Records

A well-cataloged and classified record-keeping is an essential part of handling an organization. Records are referred to for checking-in on employee-related information, calculate and analyze financial reports & maintain a legal and healthy decorum within the organization. Hence, a systematic procedure to maintain various records is consistently a task to be focused on!

  • Maintaining a Legal Framework within your company

It is important that your payroll and HR activities comprise within the dignified and specified legal framework in the eyes of law. A company is not just one from within – it deals with a number of external factors which enables its deep involvement with the environment it progresses and expands in.

  • Flexibility and Focus to give free efforts and hold an opinion

A good HR department ensures an invisible thread of confidence between the workforce and respective HR managers. This tether provides a motivation and flexibility to give out individualistic opinions for each employee and makes him/her believe of their position, value and role of involvement in the company and its functioning.

  • Efficient Payroll Administration Management leads to improved Productivity

The primary management of cash and other work-related information associated to employees of a company – salary details, bonus & allowances provided, leaves granted & permitted, etc – is completely handled by the payroll administration of an organization. This department is accountable to both – the company as well as the employees – which is why it has to be fair and standardized with every information with relation to the specified timeline.

  • Cultivating Goodwill for the Company by investing Time, Effort & Interest

When employees are a part of the organization – it is the solemn duty of HR dept. & payroll administration to maintain a good repo of the company in their own respective ways before the workforce as it results in a long-term benefit. In a hypothetical situation where the employee leaves the company due to any reason or chooses to discontinue work; he/she should hold decent respect and a healthy image of the company & spread the same to prospective clients and potential workforce forth. This helps maintain the reputation of the company and sustain positivity within & outside the organization.

Henceforth, every department holds a sense of responsibility, accountability and obligation within all types of sub-departments in an organization but it is important that a sense of motivation is upheld amongst the workforce or the vital human resources of the company. This can only be done with true efforts by the HR department & payroll administration as it directly deals with the employees in the organization and discover quality results.

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