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DKM Group believes in constant evolvement. The economies, the nations and the businesses that witness growth & recognition are those which evolve as per the changing business ecosystems. To reach out and become business enablers in the new age economy which is a perfect mix of Small & Big business player and with lot of energy & opportunity from the evolving Startups.

DKM Payroll Solutions for Multi-national Businesses & Foreign Corridors

For employees and businesses in multiple countries or a specified foreign nation, DKM Group’s glocal approach is a solution. Our experience & dedicated team for International businesses understands the local requirements and offers solutions through access to the local resources. This is done to simplify the functioning of payroll processes not only from the headquarters but across the spread of business.

We emphasize on the following while providing payroll solutions to foreign corridors:

  • Best practices & well-equipped technology
  • Minimizing the risk of non-compliance
  • Best governance to facilitate better administrative control over Global Human Capital
  • Simplification of Services – through better tools and technology for data management


DKM Online lay stress on providing better business focus when a client is trying to establish & grow into new countries. We intend to offer a single platform payroll interface and eliminate the complexities of multiple interfaces between information systems and local payrolls.

Why we are Payroll Data enablers for Multinational Businesses?

  • We ensure standardized data exchange in completely secure environment.
  • This minimizes the need for in-country dedicated specialists for payroll and thereby leads to cost reduction
  • You can monitor data flow & payroll processing on the secured platforms accessible from any location any time of the day or night
  • You can track and measure the quality standards of service delivery
  • We ensure ‘Best Payroll Solutions’ through Audits and Quality Surveys at regular time intervals
  • Our International Business experts & advisors also help our clients with business continuity planning


DKM Payroll Solutions for Large and Mid-size Businesses

Large organizations are mostly facing HRM related issues – largely around economic pressure, compliance changes and sometimes de-centralized HR systems and lack or absence of good practices.

Considering the above as challenges in growth for Large sized businesses, DKM Online worked extensively on solutions for the following:

  • Workforce Management Solutions – This includes streamlining HR processes, centralizing payroll processes and managing people
  • Eliminating non-productive administrative practices and integrating Attendance and Leave Management System
  • Managing HR & Labor Compliances

DKM Online offers the following for Large Businesses:

  • Payroll Services
  • Attendance and Leave Management System
  • Retrial Benefit Schemes & Consultancy
  • HR & Labor Compliances

The On Cloud Solutions include products for Payroll on Cloud, Time and Attendance and Leave Management Systems


Payroll And HR Solutions for Small Businesses and Startups

A small business or a startup is like an all time job and we understand it requires lot of energy and concentration to build a business. And for those aspirational business owners DKM Online offers Consulting Services and Functional Expertise, to share the load and allow them to focus on their business goals.

How DKM Online helps Startups & Small Businesses?

1. We help small businesses and startups in staying compliant.

Whether it is providing Compliance Consulting to a startup or keeping a Small Business updated with the changing Indian statutory rules & procedures, DKM Online keeps you up-to-date and complaint as per the government guidelines.

Our specialities include, HR and Labor Compliances, Payroll Compliance and Trust Management.

2. Payroll and HR Services

While managing payroll and HR services for Startups and Small Businesses, we assure the following are in place:

  • Managing employee taxes
  • General Employee Administrations
  • Investment reimbursements and employee claims and enquiries
  • Our HRIS manages the time and attendance as well as leave management for as small as 11-25 employees
  • Multi-national payroll solutions to startups or businesses with co-founders based out in a different country

Why DKM Online is the right choice for Payroll Solutions for Startups and Payroll for Small Businesses?

  • We work as strategic growth partner and allow you to completely outsource your Payroll and HR functions, thereby allowing you to focus on your growth
  • We believe in empowering your employees and offer ease of access to all their documents, this in turn adds to your Business credibility.
  • We offer integration of HRIS and Payroll to offer Strategic Outsourcing. This is also cost effective for small businesses and startups
  • We ensure highest level of service & support as we understand Startups and its requirements