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Cloud-based attendance and leave management systems are replacing the traditional ways of keeping attendance or leave records. Cloud computing is nothing but an application that runs on a third party server, offering the user access over a secured internet connection. If you are still using spread sheets, sticky notes and paper folders to manage absence for your workforce, it’s time to move up to the clouds. With a consistent attendance and leave management system, errors can be easily avoided. Cloud based business applications, especially time and attendance system provides a number of benefits that have the potential to significantly impact your business. We belief that companies should prefer cloud based system to enhance their absence management for greater compliance as well as increased efficiency, better service to their own employees and financial savings. Here are the most important reasons to make that choice.

Increase Efficiency. Eliminate Inaccuracy.

Spending hours completing leave case paperwork, manually entering data, processing paper time sheets, filing and searching for employee data etc. can take a lot of your employees’ time. Whether you’re managing leave entirely by hand or using your time & attendance system, absence of non-cloud based systems can induce inaccuracy and inefficiency. But a dedicated absence management system can speed up your process immensely. Since cloud based attendance software is automated, your payroll team doesn’t need to spend the extra time on clerical tasks. These systems automate the mundane and repetitive administrative tasks you deal with regularly, like eligibility and entitlement calculations, generating notices and ensuring they reach employees on time, tracking usage, creating tasks for leave deadlines etc. Moreover, a dedicated system will automatically store all information in centralized leave case files so that with a simple click you can see all the data at once. This automation of tasks and record-keeping enables you to increase efficiency at work by eliminating inaccuracy and redundancy.

Access information from anywhere, anytime.

With so many rules and regulations determining when and how employees can take time off for reasons ranging from their own serious health condition to maternity leave, the potential for error in granting leave and sending notices is enormous. A leave management system simplifies these endless tasks, by providing workflow automation and decision support for every task, from the moment an employee requests leave, to the end of the return to work process. And the good news is the supervisors or managers can approve time sheets, employees can clock in and out and payroll staff can export data to the payroll management system anywhere they have internet access. These options make cloud based time and attendance systems perfect for medium to big sized companies.

Save company cost. Give rise to productivity.

Absenteeism is expensive. In a year, mid to big size companies spend a lot of money on freelancers and replacement workers. A lot of those expensive missed work days can be easily avoided. Some employers give out more leave than required while others simply approve extra leave by accident due to error-prone leave management systems. An absence management software system can reduce the costs of absenteeism by ensuring that you only approve the leave your employees are truly entitled to. Excess absenteeism is also bad for the health and happiness of the work flow. An error-prone attendance and leave management system can prevent you from providing your employees with the level of customer service that they deserve. When employees are granted undeserved and extra leave, others may end up overworked and feel unhappy and underappreciated. An inconsistent system might drag out the process of approving eligible employees’ leave requests and lead to inconsistent entitlement calculations. By accepting a system that ensures compliance will not only cut costs vividly but show care for your employees and their families, creating a more loyal work environment. Happier employees are more productive and tend to stick to the company for long.

DKM provides cloud-based absence management solutions that make compliance easy. We monitor, manage and update our system on a continuous basis. Our software provides decision support and automates leave processes to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve compliance. If you want to avail our services, then drop us a line or send us an email at