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There is lot been discussed about workplace trends, employee engagement, how to beat attrition etc., across economies. The digital age in business has created ample of opportunities and therefore employees are taking the front seat once again. Businesses are facing tough competition for freelancers and startups as it is turning a fad to buy local and buy small. Value is all a customer is looking for.  At DKM Online, the assessment of workforce expectation is of great importance as we are primarily dealing in the people management segment, payroll is evolving every year with the evolving HR trends.

Employees First

Now that we are in the digital era where the customer feedback is easily available, the reach for customer has increased multi-folds and the voice of customer is reaching places already. In 2017, work-places are believed to become more employee oriented. The human resource teams have recognized that to set and live up to the service benchmarks of customer service, they must invest in employees, after all employees are the one who are brand ambassadors to their clientele and that is why it becomes all the more important to bring employee development at the front focus.

This year will also be around Employee Development through Relationship building, Employee Skill Development etc.

Organizational Culture

The technological intervention and recent changes in economic climate has forced businesses to evolve their workplace culture, the value culture will stay into limelight for the human resource departments. Leadership will evolve for the middle level hierarchies for compete with the growing freelance and consultant culture. This is a make shift workforce expectation for the year 2017 as the employees don’t appreciate being managed, they prefer to be lead through inspiration and example. In turn, this is an opportunity for leaders to pick out the best for better positions.

The organizational culture is also coming into top priority for improvising the employee experience. The HR personnel must look at streamlining the processes for employees, the procedures they undergo so that the companies are better able to retain their employees and they must feel motivated to engage and learn new things.

At DKM Online, we are striving to create a value culture. Be it employee engagement, process flow streamlining, training & development for creating cross-cultural teams, things are happening and set to pace up in the 2017. This is also to keep ourselves updated for the evolving business process acumen at the client end.

Data Driven Hiring Processes

Information access is simplified and social networks have made profiles scanning a lot easier. This will lead to data driven recruitment processes, it is instant, transparent and easily accessible thereby making the hiring decisions quicker and more strategic. Also because more and more people are opting for flexi-jobs, virtual workforce is expected to increase tremendously, also because this is a win-win for both employer and the employee.

Performance Reviews

With the recent developments in the new age work environments, there is been a lot of debate on how an employee’s performance is to be reviewed. Businesses which are new have a different orientation and that is why they feel the previous systems of reviewing performances through a graded test like mechanisms won’t sustain for longer periods. The millennial employees have different viewpoints towards their career. They do not necessarily believe in monetary reward as an appraisal, they look at the overall growth as an individual and a professional. The millennials represent the Gen Y and they look at what is most attractive to them in the company. The same is also happening at the businesses which are going through top management shift from founders to Gen X. They are more growth oriented, believe in employee freedom and work constantly for results.

The above seem to be the trends to evolve and come more into practice this year. The business economy is evolving thereby making the workforce more and more dynamic each year. The HR departments and strategic growth partners like us need to stay updated and tune up to the workforce trends in 2017.