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Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.

Paul Hawken

Efficient and systematic management in a company or an organization results in maximized profits and customer satisfaction. The base of any organization lies in the work output of its employees. Employee management is a refined process that ensures a maintained balance between work and basic requirements of and for the employees. It also sustains information amongst the employee and the entire organization – like salary, contact info, education info & documents, etc. At DKM Online, we ensure proper salary management and  leave management services as the payroll consultants to various MNCs and organizations that are in the process of setting up a business in India.

Both Salary Management & Leave Management are arrangements that serve the purpose of coordinating, molding & formulating the information with due respect to each employee within the organization. Let us look at how the system works –

Leave Management

  • Formulating Policies – Each and every company should map and tabulate certain ethical policies or codes of conducts that each employee is bound to obey in order to maintain discipline.
  • Notifying and Circulating these policies – The process includes a provision of 30-days notice (minimum) and mentioning of all the certified documents that are required to commence the same.
  • Supervision of Originality – The documents submitted when in case of a leave taken by any individual employee should be authentic (from a registered doctor / medical provider).
  • Central Jury of Advice – In cases of unwanted chaos or confusing situations, there should be a group of people who act as the centralization group that has a single source to decide the truth at all times on leave-related matters.
  • Conformity & Compliance – Ensure regular updating of records and their availability to be top notch at all times. Regularize individualistic privacy standards in parallelism to the industry regulations and reforms.
  • Documents – In prevention of any legal intervention & for record-storing reasons; each and every transaction, interaction, phone call, email fax or meeting should be documented to ensure deference and concession.

Salary & Payroll Management

  • Segregation of All Employees – Employees can be of variant types; broadly classified as permanent or temporary. Each and every employee has an individualistic classification, for instance some employees work on contract while some on daily wages, etc. This is vital because it might result in miscalculation of taxes and violation of standardized Labor laws.
  • Verification of Previous Documents & Righteous Data Transfers – It is essential that all data networks transfer the authentic information for rectification and storage purposes. Double-check all paperwork to ensure efficient and effective management.
  • Auditing of Processes – The procedures adopted for this purpose can be divided into two types: (a) automated and (b) manual. Each and every process should be bound to be audited to rectify the caused errors that might otherwise result in underpayment or overpayment of employees.
  • Keep a Tab on Regular Processing – It is very important that delays and late payments are avoided. For this, there should be timely inspections and an efficient management team that keeps track of every movement.
  • Synchronization of Events – This refers to the changes that need to be made in the salary paying procedure due to excessive leaves taken by an individual employee without a valid reason.

Henceforth, the workforce and management of any and every company should aim at becoming more competitive, increasing sales by reducing costs, also capturing & developing new markets. The use of right technology to motivate and inspire your team and workforce can result in enhanced quality & creativity.

Our Payroll Consultants at DKM Online will not only guide you on regional payroll management, compliances in Indian Payroll system but will also handhold you through the process of setting up a business in India and also payroll for MNCs in India.

 You can speak to our Consultants  for any further detailing on the Salary Management and Leave Management as Best Business Practices apart from that you can also speak to the Payroll or HR team for any update.  We can be reached on